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Delta Pest Control Services (established in 1960) is a recognized leader in providing high quality and reliable pest control services.

Pest Control Services

Pest infestation becomes one of your concerns, when you see the beings multiplying themselves to great extents....

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Rodent Control Services

Rats are one of the most ever-growing species in the world. Only a couple of rats can reproduce and multiply themselves....

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Termite Proofing

Termites are usually found over a or inside a wooden surface at your premises. They are actually seemingly transparent....

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Restaurant Fumigation

The most valuable asset of a Restaurant or Hotel is its reputation. This comes principally from the quality of the food and....

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General Fumigation Services

Pests are of several kinds, and each species has a unique immune and digestive system. As the time passed, these species....

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Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are some of the most common kinds of pests. They are usually found at the sheet covers, pillows, mattress, and....

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Outstanding Services

For over 30 years, DPCS has been protecting homes and businesses in over 15 cities of Pakistan having its offices in Karachi and Bhawalpur.

Prompt & On Time

Our Valued Clients trust DPCS’s integrated pest management (IPM) solutions tailored to meet their specific pest management needs. Call us today at 0311-2399639 to know more.

Reliable Services

Our success and our continual growth is determined through establishing trusting relationships with clients.

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Delta Pest Control Services is one of the leading pest control services on the market. Over the period of 20 years, it has managed to....

In the modern world, where human life is easy, yet a lot more complicated than it used to be before, pests still top the list of the most annoying....

Delta Pest Control Services is one of the entrusted services in the domain. We have managed to top the list of our competitors due to our....

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